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Gus the Studio Manager at BKYN CLAY in Brooklyn New York and has exhibited in New York, Minnesota and Colorado. He makes sculpture and paintings where real life and fictional narratives merge together.

“As I’ve gone on to study and work at different schools my appreciation for the University of Montana has only grown. The faculty members as a whole connected with students on an individual level and pushed them to try new things and work with different materials. This interdisciplinary approach gave me a vast number of skills that made it easy to execute ideas for my own work but it also made me employable as a carpenter, a studio technician, an artist’s assistant and in my current job as a studio manager. The ceramics department’s focus on pushing work technically and conceptually is one of the reasons this area has thrived. Students have access to a wide range of kilns, from regular electric barrel kilns, to massive gas kilns, to atmospheric soda or salt kilns, and even a large anagama wood kiln. The town of Missoula and it’s vibrant and welcoming art community combined with the faculty and facilities in the School of Art was the perfect place for me to go to college.”