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May 6th, 2022

Students are invited to meet one-on-one with UM professors and instructors via video conference.  An exciting opportunity for students to get valuable feedback without leaving their classrooms. This event is FREE and open to all high school students. 


  • Schedule each of your students for a 20 minute time slot here. You can schedule up to 8 students. (Note teachers, please save your confirmation email so you know your schedule)
  • Email 2 – 3 images for each student to Images should be in jpeg format and 700-1200 pixels wide (or 12 inches wide; or “medium” size). Name images as follows: 1. Student last name, first name, high school. 2. Title your email “Portfolio Plus”.
  • Have each of your students answer question on the questionnaire. You do not need to send questionnaires to us, but have students be prepared for professors to ask these questions.
  • Please arrive at online waiting room a few minutes early. Professor will let you in when it is your time.

We look forward to meeting your students and seeing their work!

Montana School of Visual and Media Arts