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Painting and Drawing is a popular, vibrant program embracing a wide range of interests, perspective and practice. At the heart of our program is the development of each student’s individual ideas and personal expression. No one specific style is favored, and experimentation is encouraged.

Our program support diverse ways of working, including oil, mixed media, acrylic, non-traditional material, installation, performance, digital tablet and VR. All classes are informed by contemporary issues, artists and theory.


  • Designer
  • Gallery and Museum Staff
  • Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Muralist, set designer


The undergraduate painting area is anchored by two large studio classrooms with nearly 8,000 square feet of space. With natural light, high ceilings, and movable walls for flexibility, both are equipped to handle a wide range of projects. Our area has its own well-equipped woodshop, large spray-booth, flat-files and painting storage. Adjacent to the classrooms are semi-private BFA studios for BFA students. Lockers are provided to all enrolled students.

Our private graduate studios are interspersed throughout the Fine Arts Building. All graduate student have 24-hour access to their studios.

Exhibiting is an important part of art making, and there are ample opportunities for students to show their work. Classes regularly organize exhibitions at downtown galleries, businesses and city hall, as well as on-campus spaces. Special events, such as “Iconolash” and performative work are staged downtown throughout the year.

Painting and Drawing Courses

  • ARTZ 214 Illustration
  • ARTZ 211 Drawing I: The Figure
  • ARTZ 221 Painting I
  • ARTZ 311 Drawing II
  • ARTZ 311 Drawing II: Performance
  • ARTZ 321 Painting II: Contemporary Themes and Process
  • ARTZ 321 Painting II: Body, Figure and Identity
  • ARTZ 321 Painting II: Contemporary Landscape
  • ARTZ 321 Painting II: Portfolio Development
  • ARTZ 394 Seminar: Environmental Drawing
  • ARTZ 410 Advanced Research-Drawing
  • ARTZ 420 Advanced Research-Painting
  • ARTZ 493 Independent Study

Majors also take…

  • Foundations courses.
  • Art courses across SVMA, such as Ceramics, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, or Media Arts.
  • Art History courses.
  • Theory and Criticism courses.
  • University General Education courses.

Majors earn either a B.A. or a B.F.A in Art (concentration in Painting and Drawing). Throughout your studies, we encourage you to take classes across all areas in SVMA.

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