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Sound Studies Certificate

Creating visual art through sound wave and vibrations is of growing interest in the creative world. This program will push you to consider art that exists solely in this medium, as well as how sound and sonic art support other art-making activities in the areas of film, theater, music, dance, gaming, design, podcasting, news and interactive art. You will gain a thorough understanding of the basics of signal theory, how sound works, acoustics, recording, mixing, coding, creation and story.

About Certificates:

Certificates are a collection of complimentary courses focused on a theme, skill or technology.  These programs provide specific expertise which expand a student’s education.

Relevant for:

Undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to apply from a diverse academic disciplines and professional fields. No experience necessary.

  • filmmakers
  • performers
  • musicians
  • game designers
  • podcast and television

MART 245
Introduction to the Language and Practice of Sonic Art

MART 330
Principles of Sound Design

MART 345
Sound for Film

MART 445
Sound for Digital Media

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