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Rachel started the internationally active ‘Seed Bank Project’. Working with large groups of people she makes ceramics containers that contain a huge diversity of seeds, in effort to ensure bio diversity. In contact with artist across the world, he is combining her love for art and the environment together.

“As an undergraduate at UM, I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I couldn’t have landed in a better place, as a malleable young maker and future educator. I was truly inspired by my professors, not just by their ability to explore with me as educators (which has intrinsically influenced my teaching pedagogy) but they also exposed me to the ups and downs of being an artist and a maker in the 21st century. I got to see, first hand, what it takes because their personal practices were woven into their teaching methods. This is something I hope to carry forward for my students, because I believe that their dedication to balancing both worlds has made me more resilient and more sensitive when sowing relationships with students, curators, collaborators, other artists and educators. “