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Twigg received a B.A. in Fine Art as a UM undergraduate, and later completed an MFA in the newly developing Media Arts sector. This combination of traditional and more cutting-edge studies has served him well, as he finds numerous ways to weave the two realms into his work.

For instance, he’ll videotape light scanning across the glass top of a photocopier and play the “handmade effect” on his computer in an After Effects program. The result evokes a real life sensation of being next to the copier, though the perspective–and the energy–have shifted. The reconfiguration of the copier light is pleasing and allows some insight into just how many ways we can document, digitize, format, and represent any of the more fleshly experiences of our world.

After graduate school, Twigg worked full-time for a local advertising firm, where, for a year and a half, he sharpened his image and motion software skills. Then when the opportunity arose to teach at the university in 2003, he seized it. Though he still keeps his hands in numerous, more solitary freelance opportunities, he obviously has a passion and a gift for teaching his skills to others. He seems to truly appreciate being, as he says, “involved in the variety of creative work that students bring to the table” when working in the Media Arts. Awards: 2004 – Two Gold Addys were awarded by the Montana Addys for his animation work with the Montana Repertory Theater on commercials for their productions of “Steel Magnolias” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Greg also was awarded a Judges Commendation on his animation for “Steel Magnolias.”

Greg teaches Illustrator: Vector and Layout Design, Into to Motion Design, Intro to Animation and Graduate Studio

  • B.A. University of Montana
  • M.F.A. University of Montana