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SVMA is one of the largest creative schools in a five-state region.


Newly founded in 2019, SVMA combines the former School of Art and School of Media Arts, to offer a comprehensive curriculum across a remarkably wide range of creative fields.

Join artists, makers, creator, and designers in our dynamic community. Our classes are open to all students across campus and online, and many courses do not require prerequisites.

Come explore!

Where to start? check out our Foundations Classes. No experience necessary.


Missoula was recently ranked 4th in the nation for arts activity among medium-sized cities. SVMA is a hub of this vibrant creative community, and our school is alive with creative projects and events throughout the term.

Film expos, exhibitions, visiting artists and scholars, gaming competitions, field trips and screenings—both on campus and downtown–are some of the many opportunities to join with fellow students and professors.


SVMA facilities are extensive, spanning five buildings across the UM campus. Our facilities includes over a dozen large studio classrooms, computer labs, film production studios, an e-sport gaming center, multi-media studios, “smart” lecture/seminar classrooms, five student galleries, soundstage, resource library, and many material-specific workshops. These facilities house professional and cutting-edge equipment.

In addition, SVMA works closely with Montana Museum of Art and Culture, UM’s Innovation Factory, and School of Journalism.


Our faculty are nationally-known leaders in their field, and bring their broad experience into the classroom.

  • Art faculty exhibit in over 17 countries. Venues include National Portrait Gallery, Harvard University, Smithsonian Institute, NY Public Library, SCOPE NY, and Fule Art Museum, China.
  • Film faculty regularly work on major features and documentaries.
  • Design faculty are commissioned nationally. Recent honors include an Emmy and a Gold Addy Award.
  • History/Theory faculty publish frequently. Recent books analyze Thomas Gainsborough, and periodicals range from France’s Le Monde, ArtNews, Art History to Outside Magazine.
  • All Faculty are nationally recognized, receiving prestigious grants like U.S.A. Artist Award and Fulbright Fellowships. They are leaders on national boards and collected by major museums.


Our alumni find work in creative careers.

Nearly every cultural organization in our region is staffed with our graduates.

Over 95% of our alumni said that their education was essential in their current job, and 92% say their current job was creative and fit their interests, even when working outside of the arts.

Some students follow career paths that lead them into other fields, such as management and communications-oriented jobs. These alumni report that their creative thinking and problem-solving skills made the more attractive to employers, and were invaluable in their success after graduation.

Many students continue their studies at graduate school in architecture, film, programming, art, and design.

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