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CURRENT STUDENTS: Deadlines & Important notices

Art BFA Application

Due by March 15, 2024

Apply using the following link:

The BFA in Art is a focused, advanced professional degree requiring 18 more art credits than the BA. The BFA is unique for undergraduates: each student is assigned a semi-private studio space for their senior year, exhibit in our professional gallery, and can select an area of concentration. The BFA degree allows more time to develop and refine artmaking, and may make a student a more competitive candidate when applying to a graduate program. 

Students wishing to pursue the BFA in Art must first apply for the BFA Review. BFA Review applications may be submitted in the spring of the sophomore or junior year. The requirements to apply for the BFA Review are as follows:

1. A brief Artist Statement (400 word maximum). Its a good idea to compose with a text editing program like Google Docs or Microsoft word and check for spelling, grammar and clarity.

2. 6-8 images of your best work

3. An unofficial trasncript from Cyberbear.

4. The name of your SVMA faculty mentor; a studio art faculty member with whom you have worked with and is familiar with your artwork.

5. A Curricular GPA of 3.0 and an Overall GPA of 2.5.

6. The following courses must have been completed or in-progress at the time of the review*:

  • ARTZ 105 Visual Language Drawing
  • ARTZ 108 3D Design or MART 120 Creative Coding
  • MART 101 Introduction to Media Arts
  • MART 112 Introduction to Film Editing
  • ARTH 150 Introduction to Art History
  • GDSN 149 Digital Imaging
  • ARTH 201 Art of World Civilization
  • ARTH 250 Introduction to Art Criticism
  • Three 200 level Studio Courses
  • One 300 level Studio Course

*The BFA Review application is open to students who have completed 9 out of the 10 required courses with the expectation that the remaining course be completed by graduation.  Students must finish all of these classes to graduate with a BFA.

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