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Digital Filmmaking

We often understand our world through story, and digital filmmaking is an essential and ubiquitous form of communication, from video to streaming media. Our program offers entry into this important field, giving students tools to explore all aspects of production. Courses are hands-on and project-based: Learn narrative structure, and create experimental and commercial content for both traditional and web-based environments.


  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Director
  • Sound Technician
  • Screenwriter


SVMA facilities are extensive, spanning five buildings across the UM campus. Our facilities includes over a dozen large studio classrooms, computer labs, film production studios, an e-sport gaming center, multi-media studios, “smart” lecture/seminar classrooms, five student galleries, soundstage, resource library, and many material-specific workshops. These facilities house professional and cutting-edge equipment, such as oversized ceramic kilns, digital fabrication routers and printers, industry-standard software, and state-of-the-art tools. Please view specific programs to learn more.

In addition, SVMA works closely with Montana Museum of Art and Culture, UM’s Innovation Factory, and School of Journalism which expands student opportunities.

Digital Film Courses

  • MART 251 Digital Video Production Technology
  • MART 252 Screenwriting I
  • MART 300 Vision of Film
  • MART 325 Introduction to Animation
  • MART 327 Introduction to Cinematography
  • MART 336 Directing Fiction Film
  • MART 340 Principle of Interactive Media
  • MART 345 Sound for Film
  • MART 436 Producing
  • MART 442 Experimental Film
  • MART 455 Vision of Documentary Film
  • MART 499 Senior Project

Majors also take…

  • Foundations courses.
  • Media Arts Core Courses
    • MAR 210 Creation of Media Story
    • MART 330 Principles of Sound Design
    • MART 450 Topics in Film and Media Studies
    • MART 499 Professional Studio
  • Writing, and Theory courses.
  • University General Education courses.

Majors earn a B.F.A in Media Arts (Filmmaking Track). Throughout your studies, we encourage you to take classes across all areas in SVMA.

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