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Documentary Film

The power of real-life stories come alive in this certificate program. We’ll provide you with foundational practical filmmaking skills (both visual and aural), as well as historical and theoretical knowledge for telling non-fictional narratives. You’ll acquire a foundational knowledge of essential techniques in cinematography, editing and sound-mixing, and will apply these skills in journalistic and artistic ways.

Meet your faculty:

Mark Shogren, Professor

Michael R. Murphy, Professor

Tobin Addington, Adjunct Assistant Professor

About Certificates:

Certificates are a collection of complimentary courses focused on a theme, skill or technology.  These programs provide specific expertise which expand a student’s education.

Relevant for:

Undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to apply from a diverse academic disciplines and professional fields. No experience necessary.

  • Nonprofits
  • Advertisers
  • Businesses building reports
  • Faculty creating course-content
  • Students adding video components to research

Course of Study

JRNL 257Aor MART 251
Beginning Visual Journalism or Digital Video Production

JRNL 350
Intermediate Video Photography

JRNL 488 or MART 455
Student Documentary Unit or Visions of Documentary Film

JRNL 491
Documentary Film History

MART 345
Sound for Film

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