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Online Studio Art

Our online B.A. in Art develops a visual toolbox useful in a wide range of fields, both in fine and applied arts. All credits are taken online, and students can study from anywhere in the country.

Students have access to all online courses in the SVMA (film, digital, material, sound) to build a creative and individualized pathway. This allows students to tailor their studies to their interests. For example, a degree might focus on design, painting, animation, printmaking, photography, illustration, web production, or community-based art, to name a few. Online courses are offered across our school, and students work with a wide range of professors.


  • Graphic Designer
  • Artist
  • Multi-media Designer
  • Community Designer
  • Art Administrator
  • Animator

Course of study

In the first year, students take foundations classes representing processes across the curriculum. Further in their studies, students focus on more specialized interests, often taking advanced and independent study in a specific area. The capstone Senior Studio can take many forms: art exhibition, website creation, videos, books, collaborative multi-disciplinary events, multi-media presentations for organizations, illustrations, interactive visualization of information are examples of the many possibilities.

Because of the flexibility of this program, it is recommended that students work closely with their advisor when selecting classes.

Students from any major and any institution are welcome in our online classes.

Online Foundations Courses
All SVMA majors begin their studies by taking classes across the breadth of our School, reflecting the diverse processes available to students today.

  • ARTZ 105A Drawing
  • ARTZ 108A 3-D Design or MART 120 Creative Coding
  • GDSN 149A Digital Imaging I
  • ARTH 150HX Intro to Art History
  • MART 101L Intro to Media Arts
  • MART 112A Intro to Film Editing

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Online Intermediate and Advanced Classes

  • ARTZ 214 Illustration
  • GDSN 231 Graphic Design
  • ARTZ 221A Painting I
  • ARTZ 284 Photography: Techniques and Process
  • ARTH 201H Art of World Civilization: Early Modern to Contemporary Art
  • ARTZ 311 Drawing II
  • GDSN 331 Advanced Graphic Design
  • ARTZ 370 Contemporary Printmaking Studio
  • ARTZ 380 Data Arts
  • ARTZ 398/498 Internship
  • ARTH 444 Open Range: Land Art and the American West.
  • ARTZ 492 Independent Study
  • ARTZ 495 Senior Studio

Students may also take online courses in SVMA with prefixes MART. Examples include Web Design, Animation, Video Production, Sound Design, Illustrator and Interactive Game Design.

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