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Photographic images are ubiquitous, powerful and essential in our culture. Within the School of Art, photography is approached as an art form that can convey an array of concepts and ideas. Students are taught to critically examine how they communicate through their images. The School of Art’s BA and BFA degree programs provide broad, comprehensive instruction across artistic media, and the photography area recognizes a strength in mixing media, materials and interdisciplinary work.

The program embraces digital, analog and historic alternative processes. The photography division is committed to traditional film and wet labs as well as current digital formats and processes. This inclusive approach distinguishes this program as one dedicated to creative opportunity and craftsmanship. Students learn intention, process, materials and outcome. Visiting artists and lecturers expand the context of contemporary photography, and these visitors share their professional and commercial experiences to further prepare our students for their career goals.


Photography facilities are professional-quality and extensive. They include a critique classroom, Macintosh digital lab with Adobe Creative Suite software, Black and white darkroom, Non-silver darkroom, alternative process lab, special-projects darkroom, matting and mounting room, large format Epson printing room, and semi-private BFA and MFA studios. A professional photographic lighting studio is equipped with Profoto 4-head power pack, monoheads, variety of Profoto softboxes and lighting modifiers, an overhead track system, a curved cyc wall, and various backdrops. Other equipment includes archival print washers, scanning stations, battery powered location lighting kits, precision panoramic cameras, mounting presses, and access to an array of cameras and accessories including: Holgas, Lensbabies, medium format Mamiya,4×5 view cameras, and pinhole.


  • Commercial photographer (fashion, advertising, production)
  • Artist
  • Journalism (photographer, editorial assistant, photo editor)
  • Filmmaker (Editor, cinematographer, preproduction)
  • Graphic Designer

Photography Courses

  • ARTZ 284A Photography I Techniques and Process
  • ARTZ 384 Photography II Theory, Critique and Practice
  • ARTZ 385 The Art of digital Photography
  • ARTZ 388 Alternative Process Photography
  • ARTZ 486 Advanced Research-Photography
  • ARTZ 493 Independent Study

Majors also take…

  • Foundations courses.
  • Art courses across SVMA, such as Ceramics, Printmaking, Painting & Drawing, Sculpture, or Media Arts.
  • Art History courses.
  • Theory and Criticism courses.
  • University General Education courses.

Majors earn either a B.A. or a B.F.A in Art (concentration in Photography). Throughout your studies, we encourage you to take classes across all areas in SVMA.

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