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Students explore the unique serial and replicable nature of printmaking to engage with the creative process, while developing individual concepts and investigating new possibilities. We are committed to continuing the traditions of the print media while expanding their boundaries through innovation in concept and technique.

Our program supports a wide range of processes: relief, (including our annual Steamroller print project), intaglio (acrylic & traditional grounds, photopolymer), water-based screenprinting, lithography (stone, plate, photo processes), collagraph, digital media, mixed-media printmaking, installation and the book arts.

PRINTANA Printmaking website:


  • Graphic Designer
  • Gallery and Museum Staff
  • Archivist
  • Artist
  • Illustrator


The main printmaking studio is located on the fourth floor of the Fine Arts Building in a well-lit studio with beautiful views of the Bitterroot Mountains, with a second print studio for BFA and graduate students located on the first floor.The printmaking studio maintains a safe well-ventilated work environment and has adopted non-toxic materials and methods across the various processes.

Our capabilities are extensive. We maintain seven high-quality presses in addition to other professional-grade equipment in support of Relief, Intaglio, Lithography, and Screenprinting. Student have access to a clean room for matting and framing, and digital facilities including a large-format inkjet printer, laser and vinyl cutters and Adobe CC.


The printmaking area maintains an active visiting artists program (over a dozen artists in the last four years alone), and students get the opportunity to work along-side many of these artists to create new editions of work. Recent artists have included Lillian Pitt, John Hitchcock, Melanie Yazzie, Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, Duane Slick. We have collaborated with the Missoula Art Museum aspart of two Warhol Foundation grants in an initiative to bring in Indigenous artists to work with students.

For more information on Matrix Press and to see the exciting work produced by the artists with help from UM student print assistants visit our website at and FOLLOW US ON

The Steamroller Print Project started in 2000, as a means to get students, artists and the community to come together in a cooperative event to celebrate art and community.

Students carve large-scale relief (woodcut) printing blocks which are printed during a culminating all-day outdoor event with a road-construction steamroller. Many participants showcase their prints in Missoula’s Annual Parade ofRemembrance, and also exhibited around town and in venues like the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco, California. Since its initial year, the project has grown to include students from local elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, along with neighboring institutions and artists from the community.

For further information and to see videos and pictures of past events go to:

Printmaking Courses

  • ARTZ 271A Printmaking I: Relief
  • ARTZ 271A Printmaking I: Screenprinting
  • ARTZ 271A Printmaking I: Monotype 
  • ARTZ 271A Printmaking I: Lithography
  • ARTZ 271A Printmaking I: Intaglio/Collagraph
  • ARTZ 271A Printmaking I: Book Arts
  • ARTZ 370 Contemporary Printmaking Studio
  • ARTZ 371 Printmaking II: Advanced Relief
  • ARTZ 371 Printmaking II: Advanced Screenprinting
  • ARTZ 371 Printmaking II: Advanced Monotype 
  • ARTZ 371 Printmaking II: Advanced Lithography
  • ARTZ 371 Printmaking II: Advanced Intaglio/Collagraph
  • ARTZ 371 Printmaking II: Advanced Book Arts
  • ARTZ 470 Advanced Research- Printmaking
  • ARTZ 493 Independent Study

Majors also takeā€¦

  • Foundations courses.
  • Art courses across SVMA, such as Painting & Drawing, Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture, or Media Arts.
  • Art History courses.
  • Theory and Criticism courses.
  • University General Education courses.

Majors earn either a B.A. or a B.F.A in Art (concentration in Printmaking). Throughout your studies, we encourage you to take classes across all areas in SVMA.

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